About Me


Hello!  My name is Kristen Bruce, and I am a teacher of English at Pickering High School.  This year, I have been given the honor of serving teachers and students across this great state as a 2019 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year Finalist.  As such, it is my mission (and passion) to promote all of the great things that are happening in Louisiana's schools ... starting at my home, Pickering High School!  We are a small school, but we are mighty!!  And, together, the administration, teachers, students, parents, and community are collaborating to make PHS one of the best schools in the state!!

I would love to share your great stories about PHS ... or about your own home schools.  Use the email address listed on the contact me page, and let me know what #DoGreatThings are going on in your school!  Let's go out and #DoGreatThings!!


Mrs. Kristen Bruce, M.Ed.